During the autumn 2014 and 2015 there will be a big demonstrator in the Gothenburg region. Trafikverket, Volvo, Klimator and Svevia are some of the partners (in cooperation) planning to implement the RSI project.

With the autumn and winter in view there are a number of exciting questions on how RSI can improve winter road maintenance. Around 100 cars will drive in the Gothenburg region.

Press the image to open the live demonstrator webb application. This application is specified for Google Chrome. (Download now).


The following sources of information are all part of the project:

  • RWIS (Road Weather Information System)
    Today there are 850 different RWIS stations around the country. RWIS shows the temperature of the road surface, air temperature, air humidity, type and amount of precipitation as well as wind speed and wind direction. Many of the stations are also equipped with a road condition camera.
  • Weather information
    Weather forecasts, Satellite data & Radar pictures
  • GIS system (Geographic Information System)
    Collection, storing, analysis and presentation of geographic data.
  • Climate model
    The climate model is founded on a well-tested road weather model which calculates the outdoor temperature and road surface conditions for various roads on the basis of RWIS – data and meteorological forecasts in grid cells.
  • Climate interpreter
    ”The interpreter” is the central part of the RSI. It collects and processes all accessible information in order to calculate a current status which is then presented in a selected interface (GUI). A similar technique is used within project BiFi in order to forecast when and where ground frost thawing may cause problems.
  • FCD – Floating Car Data
    Floating Car Data – is real-time information from cars. In the RSI project two types of information will be used: real-time information from the vehicles which helps to describe current weather and road surface conditions, as well as RFE information, which is a measure of the current friction from the car.
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface)
    With the RSI the user will get an easily accessible tool to assess current and future weather conditions. Mockup can be seen here.

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