About RSI

RSI started in 2014 as a research project with a variety of collaborative partners. Developers worked with members of the automotive industry, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Ministry) and universities to create a platform utilising vehicle data to improve winter roads.

By 2017, a number of players have been instrumental in the continued development, including Klimator and NIRA, who collaborated in the development of a new application for better forecasting, real-time monitoring of measures and real-time follow-up and analysis.

About Klimator

Klimator is a knowledge company based at the University of Gothenburg. Since 1999, Klimator have worked with climatology consultants, contributing knowledge  to applications in road safety, housing and the environment. While based in Sweden, Klimator also work internationally in the design and development of road climate systems, and on improving future transport solutions based on energy costs and safety requirements.

About NIRA

NIRA Dynamics, established 2001 with main office in Linköping/Schweden, is specialized in sensor fusion and develops cost efficient safety and navigation solutions for the global vehicle industry. Among the customers are leading vehicle manufacturers as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Volvo, Fiat and Renault.