TRB Conference January 2019 – great week!

With the expansion of Klimator, the US market is becoming more and more interested in our innovations and products. This was made evident during the annual TRB conference in Washington in January.

The conference was a huge success. Nira and Klimator were able to show national decision makers, future customers and partners our capabilities and what we can offer i.e. safer roads & smarter cities. The conference had over 15 000 participants and the week was filled with interesting meetings and conversations, creating new bonds and relationships that can help us on our journey forward.

We believe in doing things together, in a curious manner, and we recognize that this mindset is highly appreciated in the global market. Our unique partnership with Nira creates the foundation for what is the best product on the market and we are proud to be able to display and collaborate with them.

We hope to see some major changes within the US market during the next couple of years and we look forward to delivering precise, effective and trustworthy data to our fellow Americans.

If you are interested in our software and a collaboration – please contact us.