RSI PRO 2.11 is a completely global application for commercial winter road maintenance organisations to predict, plan and implement planned actions. RSI PRO 2.11 includes weather forecasting for the following 12 hours combined with data from VVIS stations, connected salt-spreaders, and vehicle data integration from our connected vehicle fleets (including taxi and rental cars). This combined data provides highly accurate roadmap forecasting for maintenance needs.

Vehicle fleet data can also be used to monitor completed actions and as a statistical basis for reporting to the organisation internally or the client.

RSI Pro 2.11 allows a global fleet of connected vehicles and is aimed at highly digitized commercial winter road maintenance organisations. In metropolitan areas, substantial savings can be made through the application of high-resolution forecasts based on data from connected cars (including taxis and rental cars).

RSI Pro 2.11 allows significant savings opportunities by allowing completely new working methods to accurately combat road slippage, with cars providing real-time information about current road conditions. RSI Pro 2.11 is the best software on the market, with accurate weather and roadmap forecasts to effectively manage winter road conditions.

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