Road Status Information (RSI) has gained major recognition in Europe, being recently rated as one of the best innovations submitted to the European Commission’s Innovation Program Horizon 2020. From several thousand innovation entries, RSI was amongst one hundred projects that qualified for the final round in Brussels. As a result of being amongst the best entries, RSI was allocated funding to expand their operations across Europe.

RSI is software that combines data from connected cars with weather station and forecast information. The software then predicts route conditions for particular stretches of road. Cars become rolling weather stations which, when considering outside temperature, provides accurate on-site friction readings. Friction is crucial for assessing the slippage risk on a road.

30 years of research on roads and slippage

Behind the weather-based algorithms and machine learning is Gothenburg-based research company Klimator, with over 20 years of active experience and research in road and treacherous winter conditions.

‘We are very pleased and proud that our web-based software gives both entrepreneurs and the Ministry of Traffic powerful tools to further understand and prevent treacherous winter road conditions,’ says Torbjörn Gustavsson, Klimator founder and Doctor of Climate Science at the University of Gothenburg.

‘Horizon 2020 has allowed us further expansion into Europe. We have more demonstration areas with connected cars, weather sensors and digitized road networks, and we will have a growing need for more well-trained climate and traffic engineers to meet market needs.’

Many uses for connected cars

Application of technology and information provided by motor vehicles has significant potential globally, as both environmental and safety aspects become increasingly important.

  • As more vehicles become autonomous (self-driving), many different applications will allow the car to adapt to the environment. Software that reads current road conditions and judges the risk of skidding are among the many applications to be found in our future cars.
  • At present, the technology is being tested in commercial operations by winter road contractors in Sweden. The software can also be used by police, emergency services and media to warn road users of hazardous road areas and conditions.
  • This world-leading software has been developed by Klimator – a research and development company at Gothenburg University, founded by Torbjörn Gustavsson and Jörgen Bogren. For 20 years, Klimator has developed global, national and regional road models. Their goal is to create safer traffic environments with better road weather information.

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